Wayan Tour

Greetings from Bali “Om Swastiastu”

Meet Wayan Junaskhara Apple, who is in charge, tour organizer and your private tour guide, host to the tradition and culture of rural Bali in wayantour.com. He is professional services are ready to assist you however you require for assistance to guide you all around Bali. He is Reliable and always puts guest satisfaction as the main priority. Adjustable and flexible and based on your individual interests, he is point is offering the best services personally, in order you will experience Bali as an unforgettable journey destination.
Serving not simply as your guide and concierge but also your friend, Junaskhara Apple combines a deep seated love for the Balinese way of life with his local knowledge and professional outlook to provide his client with an unrivalled and safe travel experience. With a desire to create unforgettable memories each guest will soon see Bali though his eyes and quickly fall in love with this beautiful Island.
He live Like many other traditional family groups in Bali, Junaskhara apple ancestor have lived in the village for almost 600 years, and an unwavering love for the natural beauty and captivating traditions of Bali inspired him to share his country with visitor. I will provide you with a superb and safe travel experienced, knowledgeable and informative. He can assist you in planning the perfect tour for your interests and needs. Let him to take you there in style for all of your Bali travel expectations!
As Wayan Junaskhara Apple and the teams always strives to go to extra mile for his guests, they can also provide shopping tours and shore excursion for cruise ship passenger, this exclusive tour has been designed to ensure that such passengers can discover the most interesting sites and have the best possible experience of Bali in the short time afforded to them.
It is their wish that you bringing home a thousand beautiful memories of Bali. It gives them true happiness to see your smiling faces.
Matur Suksma !
( “MATUR SUKSMA” ,This beautiful words in Balinese language is the humblest words in human language, “THANK YOU” , This is one of many words that are included as the nicest things on earth )